Your Mom’s Face’s House Was Built on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground And That’s Why There Are So Many Lost Spirits in Der :)

by Virus Kitten

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released July 4, 2011

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Track Name: Ice Cream Sunday
How are you doing today? Oh.. I'm ok I guess. OH yeah? What's the big deal?
Well I've had kind of a rough weekend. This whole month's been kind of crazy to be honest with you. Have you ever tried telling the truth, even when it would kill the person that your NOT telling any truth about? It kind of acts like Barbacued Stable.
ohhhh oohhhhhh You didn't pay for it did you?
Track Name: Yeah, We Know Who Troy Is...He’s Such a Cheap Guy
Senior Jerk alert.
Can I help you?
Hello, little guys. I'm Mr. Perkins, Troy's father.
We know who Troy is. He's such a cheap guy.
Shut up. My Dad's not home, Mr. Perkins.
Is your mommy here?
No sir, actually she's down at the market buying Pampers for all us
Papers, Bill. You can give these papers your father to, uh, read through, and sign......we'll be by to pick them up in the morning.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Brand, what is all that stuff?
It's Dad's business.
But what is it?
I told you, it was Dad's business.
Look at 'em smilin'.
They can't wait until tomorrow when they foreclose on all
the...whatever you call it.
Trash the Goondocks.
When they wreck our house I hope they make it a sandtrap.
And never get their balls out!
You know, I think they made me lose my appetite.
Mikey? Come on, before you catch a real cold.
You seem to be pretty sure of yourself.
The foreclosure is a definite.
Track Name: Foo-Too Dangerous
Don' a go messin' with he.. dat foo-too Dangerous!!
Track Name: The Dead Man's Apprentice
Starring Harrison Cage as "The Dead Man's Apprentice"